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Women & Family

Permissibility of marrying second woman without knowledge of first
Is it permissible to marry a second woman without the knowledge of the first one, in such a way that the residence of the second wife be far from that of the first one?

The disease that requires informing the suitor about
If the disease is chronic, it is obligatory to inform the suitor about it lest he should be deceived.

The condition of guardianship upon the Muslim woman
I would like to get married with a Muslim Hungarian woman whose parents are Christians. So, who will be her guardian?

Asking in marriage women who are not religiously committed
Concerning asking in marriage women who are not religiously committed and refraining from those who are religiously committed.

Continuity of relation with Scripture woman for purpose of calling her to Allaah
You have to know that calling to Allaah must not be an excuse to commit prohibitions and offenses.

Marrying a fornicatress and attributing baby to fornicator
Is permissible for a fornicatress to marry the man who had illegal sexual intercourse with her, knowing that it is him who got her pregnant and not another man?

Abstaining from the fast by the pregnant woman and suckling mother
If a pregnant woman and a suckling mother do not observe the fast, should they make up for the days missed or give Fidya (feed a poor person for each day not fasted)?

Prohibition even if bride changes clothes alone for At-Tasdeera
Concerning the prohibition that remains [even] if the bride changes her clothes alone for At-Tasdeera.

Giving preference to one of the children with a gift with his brothers' consent
As a rule, the father should be equal and just towards his children in donation.

Concerning the way to co-exist with a disobedient wife
I have a wife who does not perform prayer and listens to music. Even more, she has a negative influence on our children with her disobedience.

Prohibiting the wife without intending the meaning of the utterance
I divorced her by saying to her: “You are divorced, divorced, divorced!” So, what is incumbent upon me?

Establishing the marriage contract
Concerning the non-effect of the relationship with a strange woman on establishing the marriage contract with her.

Delayed Maher in a dissolved marriage
The ruling concerning the delayed Maher in a dissolved marriage.

Engagement with an unveiled woman
Is it permissible to engage with a woman who performs the prayers but she is unveiled?

Regarding the fact that a woman learns driving
What is the ruling concerning the fact that a woman learns driving?

Fact that a woman bears the name of her husband
Is it religiously obligatory for the woman to bear the name of her husband or could she keep her original name?

Covering of lower part of woman's chin
What is the ruling concerning covering the chin as regards the woman?

Delivering a sermon at Al-‘Aqeeqa
Is it permissible during Al-‘Aqeeqa that a Shaykh or a preacher, who are present at the feast, preaches sermon?

Borrowing (money)for An-Naşeeka
Is it religiously permissible to borrow (money) for the An-Naşeeka?

Beginning of the divorced  woman’s ‘Idda (waiting period)
When a man divorces his wife, does Al-‘Idda begin at the time of the divorce pronouncement, or when the judgment of the divorce is issued by the court?

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