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Women & Family Page3

Women & Family

Artificial insemination
Is artificial insemination permissible?

Ruling concerning birth control
The ruling concerning birth control (limiting and organising).

Accepting request of divorce for renouncing child’s custody
Accepting the request of divorce for renouncing the child’s custody.

Determining permission of using contraceptive pills
Is it permissible to use the pill in order to prevent pregnancy in the first year of marriage?

Leaving women in suspense
What is the ruling regarding husbands who abandon their wives and children and let them without expenses?

Equity towards one’s two wives
What is the ruling regarding a man who has two wives, and he is unjust towards them?

Influence of Al-Wahm on character of pregnant woman
Does Al-Wahm  affect the character of the woman and causes her to behave badly with her husband?

Marrying woman who repented of committing fornication
Can you get married with the woman with whom you had illegal sexual intercourse?

Wife going to family house during husband’s absence
Is it permissible for the wife to go to the house of her family during her husband’s absence?

Woman taking a bath at relatives home
Is it permissible for a woman to take a shower or a ritual bath at her relatives home like her paternal or maternal uncle?

Woman removing headscarf to have photo taken for identity card
A woman wants to get an identity card and she was asked to remove her headscarf.

Advice for who abide by religion living in deviant family
I want to apply the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger but my parents prevent me from doing so. What is your advice to me?

Ruling concerning acquisition of children’s toys
What is the ruling concerning the acquisition of dolls for children in order to play with?

Menstruating woman’s prayer before sunset
When a woman gets purified of her menses before the time of Al-Maghrib (the sunset) prayer starts: does she pray –after her purification- Adh-Dhuhr and Al-‘Asr prayers or only Al-‘Asr is sufficient?

Woman going to work in exigency of need
The ruling concerning the woman who goes out to work in the exigency of need.

Keeping a disbeliever mother company
What is the ruling of residing with a disbeliever mother?

Ruling regarding watching cartoons
What is the ruling regarding watching cartoons?

Saying “Yarhamuki Allaah” when strange woman sneezes
What is the ruling concerning saying “Yarhamuki Allaah” to a stranger woman?

Permission of not fasting for nursing mother
The permission of not fasting for a nursing mother but with the obligation of Fidyah

Dealing with an alcoholic sister
A brother is asking about the way he would deal with his sister who became alcoholic, albeit she observes some religious duties.

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