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Women & Family

Recommended acts of ritual bath (Ghusl)
An explanation of when it is recommended to perform ghusl and to understand some general guidelines and regulations especially related to women.

Purification bath for woman in menses who gets into a “Janaaba”
If a woman, in her menstrual cycle, gets into a “Janaaba” must she have a greater ablution? Or does she wait till she gets clean from the menses and have two greater ablutions?

Sisters seeking permission
If ones father and mother pass away – then is the eldest brother the guardian over his sisters?

Splitting inheritance in a just way
It is not for the father to specify some of his children over others regarding any wealth that he owns.

Favouring some children over others
Is it permissible for the father to favour some of his children over others due to their obedience and fine treatment?

Bringing up children
Verily the young shoots if you were to straighten them, they would straighten out and correct themselves but they are not supple and flexible once they become [dense] wood.

Raising children
Beneficial words on raising children.

Raising of children
You must raise your child, and nurture him based upon the Book and the Prophetic Sunnah.

Raising up of children
You must fear Allaah regarding your child, and care for him from a young age.

Muslim women going to Syria to join ISIS
A woman leaving her house without the permission of her guardian then that is a huge sin which is impermissible.

Reason why our girls should not go to Syria
This is from the greatest of evils and severest of sins.

Adultery committed by wife, does it make divorce obligatory?
What is the ruling regarding the wife who committed adultery, is it obligatory for her husband to divorce her as soon as he knows what occurred?

The sharing of the gift among children
A man agreed (when he was alive) with his children to allot his land among them, so, should this allotment be according to the rulings of inheritance, or according to the equal gift for everyone?

Ruling regarding woman who knows she will be pure of menses after dawn
If a woman knows that she will be pure of her menses in the next morning, is she required to fast that day and make up for it because she did not determine to fast since the night? Is her fasting valid?

Contraceptive pills
Is it permissible for a woman to use the contraceptive pills?

Right of wife over her husband
What is the position the Sharee'ah enjoins a woman to adopt as a wife?

Using henna in wedding ceremonies
There is in our country a habit, which is the use of henna in weddings. This habit is associated with the following things...

Dancing at a wedding ceremony
What is the ruling concerning women’s dancing among themselves?

Limits of seeing and speaking with fiancée
What are the limits of seeing one’s fiancée? Is it permissible for the suitor to call

her by phone?

Ruling concerning divorce during menstruating period
Know that whoever divorces his wife while she is in her menstruating period then it is a heretical and forbidden divorce and whoever does it will incur sin.

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