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Terrorism and Extremism Page1

Terrorism and Extremism

Explaining whoever says to his brother 'O you Kaafir'
It is impermissible for a Muslim to declare his fellow Muslim brother to be an unbeliever.

ISIS and short glimpse of what took place in Syria at beginning
ISIS and a short glimpse of what took place in Syria at the beginning.

A few words of advice regarding bombing in Kuwait
Allaah has, when it comes to His creation, ways which have to be followed. Thus Jihaad has its conditions and has its rulings.

A few words regarding bombing
Muslims have to repent to Allaah and return back to their Lord; they are not afflicted by something except due to the sins that they have committed.

Muslim women going to Syria to join ISIS
A woman leaving her house without the permission of her guardian then that is a huge sin which is impermissible.

Reason why our girls should not go to Syria
This is from the greatest of evils and severest of sins.

Refuting a doubt of those who defend Daesh (ISIS)
The Hand of Allaah is over the Jama'ah. And they should not form for themselves a unit or separate group.

They are Mujahidoon in the way of Shaytaan
As for these people being warriors, then yes, they are warriors but in the way of the Shaytaan.

A few words regarding ISIS, An-Nusrah, Al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood
All of these are false methodologies.

ISIS are Khawaarij, no doubt

Slaughtering people with knives and causing mischief and killing? This has nothing to do with Islaam.

Ruling regarding kidnapping and executing innocent non-Muslims

It is not allowed to take them hostage and it is not allowed to kidnap them.

They should not be left to corrupt our youth!

The takfeeree ideology is a horrible mistake!

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