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Deriving the Attributes of Allaah
Muslims derive all their information about Allaah from two sources: the Qur’aan and the Sunnah (authentic statements of Muhammad - peace be upon him). Islam prohibits intellect and logic from entering into this aspect of belief.

Correct translation of la ilaha ill Allaah
Muslims affirm that ‘la ilaha ill Allaah.”  What is the correct translation of this in English, because we see Muslims and non Muslims translating it in many different ways?

Conditions of the testimony of faith
Muslims believe that stating the testimony of faith has certain conditions, such as saying it with sincerity. What are these conditions?

Do Muslims believe that everything submits to Allaah?
Do you not see that to Allaah prostrates whoever is in the Heavens and whoever is on the Earth, and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Mountains and the Trees…

Everything in creation assigned things necessary to perform their function
People often marvel at the fact that everything that has been created has been given a form and nature which is appropriate for that thing.

Affirming and negating in the issue of Tawheed
Tawheed (singling Allaah out in worship) will not be completed except with two pillars, affirmation and negation.

Are supplications to idols ever responded to?
(And who is more astray that the person who calls upon other than Allaah, calling upon one) who cannot reply to him until the Day of Judgment?

Importance of Tawheed
What is the importance of the belief in ‘Tawheed’, directing all worship to Allaah alone?

Important beliefs that make a person Muslim
What are the important beliefs that make a person Muslim?

Tawheed Basics 1
Muslims believe that there is One Creator who is known as Allaah – this word coming from the Arabic ‘al ilah’ – the Being who is taken as an object of worship.

Tawheed Basics 2
Islam teaches that the final Prophet in the succession of Prophets was a man called Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). He called to Tawheed for 23 years in total.

Tawheed Basics 3
There are many reasons why people make mistakes in what they believe.

Tawheed Basics 4
Islam teaches that everything in the Universe submits to Allaah, whether they believe in Him or that they deny His Existence.

Tawheed Basics 5
Another argument that the Qur’aan uses to prove the existence of Allaah is that everything in creation has been assigned the things necessary to perform their function.

Tawheed Basics 6
Islam teaches that a person cannot afford to make any mistake in the topic of Tawheed.

Tawheed Basics 7
The first part of the Shahahdah – the statement la ilaha ill Allaah can be divided into two parts...

Tawheed Basics 8
Islam teaches that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was the ‘abd of Allaah and the rasool of Allaah.

Tawheed Basics 9
Islam teaches that there are certain matters which can nullify a person’s testimony of faith.

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