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Knowing that Allaah is the One Who forgives
Whoever knows that I have the capability to forgive sins, then I will forgive him and not care, as long as he did not associate anything with Me.

Seeking forgiveness a hundred times a day
I repent to Allaah and I seek His forgiveness a hundred times every day.

Seeking forgiveness for parents
My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.

Seeking forgiveness for the believers  
Whoever sought forgiveness for believers, Allaah writes a good deed for every believer.

Asking for patience unrestrictedly  
Is it allowed for a person to say in his supplication "Make me from those who are patient"?

Supplicating against the oppressor  
Is it permissible to supplicate against someone who has oppressed you?

Seeking protection from Fire and asking for Paradise  
No servant seeks protection from the Fire seven times in a day except...

There is no supplication a person can say that is better than …
'O Allaah! I ask You for al-Mu’aafaah in this world and the Hereafter.

Amazing Du’aa after Fajr and Maghrib for protection from Shaitaan
An amazing Du’aa not to be missed after Fajr and Maghrib for protection from Shaitaan.

Are supplications to idols ever responded to?

(And who is more astray that the person who calls upon other than Allaah, calling upon one) who cannot reply to him until the Day of Judgment?

Seeking forgiveness from sins

Sometimes we as Muslims are tested with certain sins that we may frequently fall into and Allaah's forgiveness is sought from them.

Supplicating to Allaah

Is it permissible to say when seeking the help of Allaah, "O Mu‘in (Supporter)! O Lord!" or to say when asking to make easy what is difficult, "O Musahil (He who facilitates)!

Supplicating to Allaah by His Most Beautiful Names

How can Allaah be supplicated to by His Most Beautiful Names; should He be supplicated to by ten of His Names or more, or can it be just by the Name befitting the reason for the Du’aa’ (supplication)?

Supplicating to Allaah by virtue of the status of the Messenger, the Sahaabah, or others

Making Du’aa' to Allaah through the honour or life of the Messenger of Allaah, one of the Sahaabah, or others is not permissible.

Supplicating to other than Allaah

Making Du’aa' to the dead and the absent like the Prophets, Aawliyaa' (pious people), and the like, whether alone or along with Allaah, is an act of Al-Shirk-ul-Akbar (major form of associating others in worship with Allaah).

Supplicating to the Aawliyaa' to ward off evil and pretending to know the Ghaib

Making Du’aa' to others instead of Allaah such as Aawliyaa' (pious people) to remove harm, cure the sick, or secure a road is Shirk Akbar that takes its doer away from the realm of Islam.

There is no supplication a person can say that is better than …

'O Allaah! I ask You for al-Mu’aafaah in this world and the Hereafter.'

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