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Splitting and Partianship Page1

Splitting and Partianship

Explanation of one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is an innovator
There are people, people of innovation, whose affair is clear.

Allaah has not commissioned you with labelling people as innovators
There are people, people of innovation, whose affair is clear.

What is the way out of tribulations?
The way out of these tribulations is Allaah's Book.

Following the faults of the Muslims
It is not permissible to follow the faults of the scholars.

Differences and splitting between people have increased
This is something which pleases the Shaytaan because he has given up hope to be worshiped on the Arabian Peninsula.

Difference between Salafee methodology and tahazzub in name of Salafeeyyah
Salafeeyyah is following the methodology of the Prophet and his Sahaabah, because they have preceded us.

Is it permissible to ascribe yourself to as-Salafeeyyah?
Hold on to what the Salaf were upon and don't praise yourself with it.

The only thing they know is warning against people!
When is it correct to warn against a Da'ee or student of knowledge in totality?

Insulting the Du’aat and Scholars
Reviling the scholars or the Du’aat to the Truth – alive and dead, is backbiting.

Advice to those who go into extreme in criticising people
I advise you also, O those who busy themselves with these matters to seek knowledge first!

Asking general question then using it on specific person
So they will say “So-and-so said this about so-and-so”, and you didn’t say anything about this person or that person. You only answered a question!

On those who warn against particular individuals
I advise you to acquire knowledge and to leave these matters. Seek knowledge.

Restricting Da'wah of Ahlus-Sunnah to specific scholars
Is restricting the Da'wah to specific scholars from the manhaj of the Prophets?

A warning against Ghuloo (extremism)
My advice to you is that you turn to seeking knowledge and to leave the disputes and the argumentations.

A warning from “He said, she said”
Do you have advice for some of the students of knowledge that are quick to rule upon others?

Advice to one busy classifying people into groups
We only clarify the mistakes. But to classify people, then this is not allowed, for it causes evil and Fitnah.

On saying such and such is not a Salafee
Even if some of them have shortcomings or ignorance he is not thrown out of as-Salafeeyyah because of it.

Is it permissible to make Tabdee' because link with political group?
Is it permissible for us to say that a specific person is an innovator because of his being associated with a political group?

Advice to students of knowledge engaged in searching for mistakes
If there is a mistake concerning knowledge or matters having to do with knowledge; they must be clarified.

Advice to students of knowledge engaged in searching for mistakes
Attend the lessons of the scholars and benefit from it and do not act according to the words of those who warn against attending their lessons.

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