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Eating from animals slaughtered by Raafidah
Are the animals slaughtered by the Shia lawful?

Why do the Raafidah curse the companions?
Because the companions carried this religion and conveyed it

About the one who says that the Raafidah Shia are Muslims
The affair of the Raafidah is a very dangerous one because they are the worshippers of idols.

Are the Raafidah Kuffaar?
What is the ruling on the followers of Al-Imamiyyah Al-Ithna `Ashriyyah (the Twelve Imamee Shi`ites)?

Ruling on praying behind a Zaydi
Is the prayer behind a Zaydi permissible?

Why did 'Alee burn the followers of Ibn Saba'?
"Perhaps the affair was unknown to him; it didn't reach him."

Ruling regarding general folk of the Raafidah
What is the ruling of the ‘awwaam (general folk) of the Raafidah?

Insulting Companions exits one from fold of Islaam
Insulting the Companions and hating them, this proves disbelief.

Raafidah are not our brothers
They are not our brothers; rather they are the brothers of the Shaytaan.

Ruling of invitation to Raafidah weddings and their meat
What is ruling of accepting invitation of Raafidah to weddings and is their meat lawful?

Sin of befriending and giving salaam to the Raafidah
Merely giving Salaam to the Raafidah is an evil sin.

The origin of the Mawlid
The Mawlids were introduced in the fourth century after the Hijrah.

This is not a golden rule!
It is mandatory to return back to that which the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah refers to.

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