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Will Muslims be asked in grave about Al-Jarh wa-t-Ta'deel?
Will the Muslim be asked in his grave about the affairs of Al-Jarh wa-t-Ta'deel?

Did Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin write Rifqan in defence of Abul-Hassan?
"I wrote this book for my brothers, the people of Sunnah."

Is exposing mistakes of astray groups from Jarh wa Ta'deel?
As for refuting the opposer then this is not from Jarh wa Ta'deel.

Difference between Jarh wa Ta'deel and spying
What is the difference between Jarh wa Ta'deel and spying?

Jarh wa Ta'deel in this day and age?
Does Jarh wa Ta'deel exist in this day and age?

Just one of the many virtues of Umar
Just one of the many virtues of Umar, may Allaah be pleased with him.

Some priorities for the successful student of knowledgee
From the very start he busies himself with the various sciences of Islaam.

Students with limited knowledge appointing themselves as scholars
We see that some students, due to their weak Taqwaa, have nothing else to do than speaking about people.

Rather this is about the truth!
Scholars refute one another all the while being brothers and loving each other.

Is Tazkiyyah a prerequisite for graduate to teach?
When he holds a degree from an Islaamic University, then this is a recommendation.

Correct method for calling non-Muslims to Islaam
What is the correct method for calling non-Muslims to Islaam?

Advice on self-purification and being gentle with people
Some people have been made to leave the manhaj as-saheeh from that which they find from people from harshness.

Refuting the students of knowledge
The ones who take charge of refutation are the scholars.

Advising the innovator

Jarh wa Ta’deel and refutations
How do we reconcile between not performing Jarh wa Ta’deel and warning against  those who have some deviance in 'Aqeedah?

Take from him his knowledge, but leave alone his actions
It is not a requisite for a teacher or caller to be perfect in order for us to listen to him.

Is it waajib to call yourself Salafee or Atharee?
Is it waajib to call yourself Salafee or Atharee and if one does not call himself Salafee or Atharee is it waajib upon us to refute him or warn against him?

Explanation of one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is an innovator
There are people, people of innovation, whose affair is clear.

Allaah has not commissioned you with labelling people as innovators
It might be that he himself has worse mistakes than the criticised!

Did Shaykh Ibn Baaz praise Muslim Brotherhood prior to death?
Is it true that Shaykh Ibn Baaz praised the Muslim Brotherhood?

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