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Sleeping after Fajr and ‘Asr prayers  
What is the ruling on sleeping after Fajr prayer?

Praying in chair, is there difference between rukoo and sujood?
It is obligatory for the one who prays sitting on the ground or in a chair to make his sujood lower than his rukoo.

Conditions, Pillars and Requirements of the Prayer
There are nine conditions and fourteen Pillars of the Prayer.

Importance of Prayer (Salaah)
The first duty on a person upon becoming Muslim is the performance of the prayers.

Simple explanation of Soorah al-Faatihah
On accepting Islaam, a person should first memorise the Faatihah to be able to perform the prescribed prayers.

Making up missed Prayers
If anyone misses a Salaah, he must pray it when he remembers it. There is no expiation except the Salaah itself.

Prayer of the traveller
Islaamic Law makes the Salaah easier for a traveller in two ways.

Adhaan (part 1 of 2): The call to Prayer
The Adhaan covers all the essentials of the Islaamic faith in a few words.

Adhaan (part 2 of 2): The call to Prayer
More rulings connected to the Adhaan.

Ruling concerning praying in red garment
What is the ruling concerning praying in a red garment?

Performing ‘Eed prayer in school
Is it permissible to offer ‘Eed prayer near a mosque in a school where men pray, and in another school where women pray; these two schools are separated with a public road?

Repeating the prayer of Al-Istikhaarah
Is it permissible to repeat the guidance prayer? Is this considered among insisting on Du’aa' (invocating Allaah)?

The legally decreed call to dawn prayer
The real dawn which makes the prayer in conformity with the religious rules is the true and correct dawn.

Friday prayer for the traveller
A person travelled from one city to another and stayed there for a few days. Should he pray the Friday prayer in the mosque or not?

Abandoning Friday prayer for work
Friday prayer is an individual duty on every free, sane, adult and resident Muslim man, who is able to go to perform it and having no excuses that allow him to leave it.

Making up for Witr (odd prayer) and nullifying it
If anyone oversleeps and misses the Witr, or forgets it, he should pray when he remembers.

Duration during which traveller could shorten prayer
What is the manner of performing prayer for a traveller and what is the ruling concerning it during travel?

Legitimacy of invocations during forgetfulness prostration
Is it legislated to recite the prostration’s invocations during the forgetfulness prostration?

Giving lessons before Friday sermon
The Messenger warned of holding circles of knowledge before the Friday sermon.

Excellence of performing Prayers in congregation
Salaat in congregation is twenty-seven times more meritorious than a Salaat performed individually.

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