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Belief in the Messengers
Belief in messengers is a required article of Islaamic faith.

Prophet Abraham, known as Ibraaheem in Arabic, was born around 2,000 years before Jesus.

To see the Prophet in a dream
“Whoever sees me in a dream then he indeed has seen the truth, as Satan cannot appear in my shape”

Fundamentals of Faith 6 - Belief in the Messengers

The Messengers are sent to deliver a Message. They are the ones to whom Allaah has sent down revelation and who conveys His Law to mankind. Allaah ordered them to deliver these Messages.

Meaning of "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah"

What is the meaning of the Shahaadha: Muhammad Rasoolullaah.

Nooh and his call to Tawheed for 950 years

Nooh was the second father of all mankind, and the first of the Messengers.

Prophet Ibraaheem and his incessant call to Tawheed

The Father of the Prophets and the Leader of those who worship Allaah alone, upon the true religion, Ibraaheem, the Chosen and Beloved Friend of Allaah.

Prophet Yoosuf and his call to Tawheed

The noble one, son of the noble one, son of the noble one.

Moosaa’s call directed to Tawheed, NOT rulership and authority

Moosaa, the one to whom Allaah spoke directly, the strong and trustworthy.

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