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Medical errors
Everything placed with good reason, then somebody is injured because of it, the one who placed it does not guarantee anything.

Medicine that is prepared with alcohol
Allaah does not make your healing in that which He has forbidden to you.

Nursing of a man by a woman
What is the ruling concerning nursing men by a female nurse?

The benefit of a headache
Headaches are from the signs of the People of ‘Eemaan and the People of Jannah.

Woman going to male doctor
What is the ruling concerning the fact that the woman goes to a man gynaecologist?

The ruling concerning shaving beard for surgical needs
What is the ruling concerning shaving the beard for surgical needs?

Masturbating for a medical purpose
Is it permissible to masturbate for the purpose of a medical test (semen analysis)?

Transplanting kidney of healthy person into sick one
Is donating one’s kidney to someone permissible in the Sharee'ah?

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