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Concerning the squeezing in the grave
The believer is squeezed in it one time such that his ‘hamaa’il’ are crushed, and the disbeliever is covered in Fire.

Etiquette of visiting graves
What is the etiquette of visiting graveyards? Are there any things I should pay attention to?

Is the punishment of the grave continuous or does it cease?
The punishment in the grave, is it constant up until the Day of Judgement or does it cease? And what is the proof for that?

The state of the deceased in their grave
What is the state of a deceased person in his grave after the bystanders have left?

Punishment in the grave for the person who is not buried after death

Can the punishment in the grave occur to someone who is not buried in a grave after his death – for example, someone who drowns at sea or who is cremated?

Life in the grave

Is there life in the grave before the Day of Judgement?

Questioning in the grave

Is a person questioned in his grave?

People in Barzakh

Dead bodies are in the earth, whereas the souls in an abode, experiencing either bliss or punishment, yet they remain connected to the bodies.

Punishment and bliss in the grave

The grave is either a garden of Paradise or a pit of Hellfire.

The questions the dead are to answer in the grave

What is the question asked to a dead person after being placed in the grave?

The Punishment in the grave: Physical or psychological?

What is the punishment in the grave? Is it physical or spiritual? Does it afflict the body, the soul or both?

Denying the punishment of the grave

Are there people who deny the Punishment of the Grave?

Hadeeths to prove punishment in the grave

Are there proofs from the hadeeths to show that a person may be punished in his or her grave?

Qur’aanic proofs for punishment in the grave

Does the Qur’aan mention that people can be punished in the grave?

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