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Holding wedding banquet in wedding halls
What is the ruling regarding holding a wedding party in a wedding hall?

The ruling regarding masturbation
What is the ruling regarding masturbation?

Ruling regarding watching cartoons
What is the ruling regarding watching cartoons?

Residency in country of disbelief for religious science
What is the ruling concerning living in Australia -the residency of a Muslim practicing brother- to request the religious science in Sidney?

Keeping photographs
What is the ruling regarding keeping photographs or videos as keepsakes in a computer?

The definition of changing the creation of Allaah
What is the norm regarding changing the creation of Allaah?

Burning books and newspapers containing Islamic texts
Is it permissible to burn books, newspapers and publications containing Qur'aanic verses or prophetic hadeeths?

Accepting present of someone whose money is mingled with illicit gains
I have a sister who works in a commercial insurance company. I advised her many times but in vain. So, is it permissible for me to accept her gifts?

Transferring alms of Al-Fitr
Giving alms of Al-Fitr in another country than the country where we have fasted is right if the people of this country do not need these alms.

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