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Affirming something by affirming its opposite
Qiyaas ul ‘aks (literally ‘analogy of the opposite’) means if this is established, then its opposite is established in its opposite (case).

Blocking the routes
Dhaaraa-i are the paths which lead to the thing; and the dharaa-i of a thing are the means and paths to it.

Drinking intoxicants out of necessity
Is it permissible to do something muharram (forbidden) in the case of necessity or not?

First type of sabr
The first type of patience is staying away from disobedience to Allaah.

Not stating ruling when introducing matters where ruling clear
The teacher leaves the ruling open for discussion then he brings the evidences in order that he can assign the task of deriving the ruling to the student.

Types of ‘ilm
Ilm (knowledge) can be divided into two categories, durooree (inevitable) and nadharee (speculative).

Types of fisq
Fisq is of two types, major fisq and minor fisq.

Including a grave in a Masjid
It is prohibited to include a grave or any part of a cemetery in a Masjid.

The Yahoodee is one who ascribes himself to the Sharee’ah of Moosaa (عليه السلام).

Pirated software
Some people buy a computer program, crack it, and then copy it and sell it. Is this allowed?

Saying “hello” when answering the phone
Is it permissible to say the statement: “Hello” on the phone?

Reasons that bring happiness, reasons that bring about misery
This abode (i.e. The Duniya), is the abode of reckoning (i.e. of the self). So call yourself to account!

Is Islaam to be practiced only in the Masjid?
Is Islaam restricted to the performance of certain rites or is it applied to all aspects of life?

Did Islaam spread by the sword?
What about the claim that Islaam was spread by the sword?

Ruling on the deceased children of the Mushriks
What is the ruling on a child who, being born to two disbelieving parents, dies before reaching the age of Taklif (meeting the conditions to be held legally accountable for actions)?

And We never punish until We have sent a Messenger
Because of His Perfect Justice, Allaah does not punish anyone until He sends a Messenger.

‘It was a coincidence’
What is the ruling on a person saying: This happened by coincidence?

Definition of Deen
All the beliefs that people hold and acts of worship that they perform are called Deen, even if they are false.

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