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Food and Drink

Drinking intoxicants out of necessity

Is it permissible to do something muharram (forbidden) in the case of necessity or not?

Eating – The Islaamic way (part 1 of 2)

All actions performed in the daily course of life can be raised to the status of worship simply by remembering to praise Allaah and seek His pleasure.

Eating – The Islaamic way (part 2 of 2)

“Eat your food together, for there are further blessings when you eat together.”

Eating from animals slaughtered by Raafidah

Are the animals slaughtered by the Raafidah lawful?

Slaughtering animals to entertain guests or out of generosity towards one's family

Allaah curses the person who offers a sacrifice to anyone other than Allaah.

Forgetting to mention Allaah’s Name when slaughtering

And do not eat from that upon which the Name of Allaah has not been mentioned.

Introduction to dietary laws in Islaam

The Qur’aan and Sunnah have provided a number of guidelines for what is allowed for Muslims to eat and what is not.

Muslim serving non-Muslims

IsIs it Mubah (permissible) for a Muslim to serve food to non-Muslims? If this is Mubah, is it also Mubah to do so during the daytime of Ramadhaan?

Opening restaurant during daytime in Ramadhaan to serve meals

It is not permissible to open the restaurant during the daytime in Ramadhaan to prepare food for non-Muslims.

Reciting the Qur’aan on Zamzam water then giving it to someone to drink to fulfil a need

What is the ruling on certain people reciting Qur’aan over Zamzam Water, then giving it to someone to drink in order to be granted specific wishes or for healing?

What is the food that is tayyib?

What conditions must be fulfilled for a food to be tayyib?

Wisdom behind deeming pork as unlawful to eat

What is the wisdom behind prohibiting the flesh of swine?

Candies made of gelatine and cheese containing rennet

What is the ruling on candies imported from England and other European countries, taking into consideration that the candies in question contain gelatine.

Beer Gold drinks

What is the ruling on free from alcohol drinks?

Conditions of Al-‘Aqeeqa
Is the beast sacrificed for An-Naşeeka  concerned by the same conditions as the beast sacrificed in the day of 'Eed?

Vinegar containing a percentage of alcohol
The ruling concerning consuming vinegar that contains a proportion of alcohol.

Delivering a sermon at Al-‘Aqeeqa
Is it permissible during Al-‘Aqeeqa that a Shaykh or a preacher, who are present at the feast, preaches sermon?

Borrowing (money)for An-Naşeeka
Is it religiously permissible to borrow (money) for the An-Naşeeka?

Giving food to disbeliever in the day of Ramadhaan
What is the ruling concerning giving food to the disbelievers in the day of Ramadhaan?

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