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What is required of a new Muslim between the period he embraces and openly announces his religion?
Between the period he embraces Islaam and openly announces his embracing of Islaam, is the new Muslim required to perform the obligatory acts as required of all Muslims?

Haraam money from before Islaam
A man used to sell drugs before Islaam. Now, he has money from that time. What is upon him as it relates to this money?

Someone entering Islaam while being married to Mahrams
Someone entering Islaam while being married to Mahrams or women who are forbidden to marry at the same time.

Christian wife embraced Islaam after marriage and then apostated
The ruling on a Christian wife who embraced Islaam after marriage and then apostated.

Gift from a Kafir’s heirs to their Muslim brother from inheritance
A Muslim does not inherit from a Kaafir father but is it permissible for him to take it as a gift?

Is changing my name a must?
Names shouldn’t be changed except for some wisdom and a legislated excuse.

Ruling on changing one's name after accepting Islam
It is not obligatory to change the name unless it means worshipping other than Allaah.

Is it permissible for a person who has embraced Islaam to change his name?
If a disbeliever embraced Islaam, then he is not required to change his name unless it is an unpleasant or offensive name.

Muslim’s inheritance from a Kaafir
Neither a Muslim inherits from a disbeliever, nor does a disbeliever inherit from a Muslim.

Muslim’s inheritance from a Kaafir 2
A number of questions asked by some women who have embraced Islam concerning the issue of inheritance.

Converted Muslim does not have to make up for missed Prayer and Fasting
A person who converts to Islam does not have to make up for missed Prayer and Fasting.

New convert paying to the bank its dues before entering Islam
A newly converted Muslim inquires about the ruling on interest that he has to pay for a loan.

Dictating Shahadah to a woman who wants to become a Muslim
If there is a woman who wants to embrace Islam, is it permissible for a man to dictate the Shahadah to her?

Repenting from all sins but keeping the ill-gotten money
A person who used to abandon prayer, drink alcohol and commit vile deeds then repented.  What should he do with the ill-gotten money?

Gradation in conveying Islam
Is it permissible for a caller to Islam to tell a new Muslim about the commands and the prohibitions of Islam gradually, so that they are not shocked?.

Correct way to teach and guide a new Muslim
The most important thing is to explain the basics of the religion so that the person can enter Islam.

New Muslim reciting Soorah al-Faatihah during Rukoo` or Sujood instead of Tasbeeh
A new Muslim should recite the Qur’aan and Dhikr (Remembrance of Allaah) in the correct places during Salaah as soon as they can.

Circumcision for new convert – is it Sunnah or Obligation?
Circumcision is Sunnah not Obligatory.

Embracing Islaam and following a deviant Sect
If a non-Muslim embraces Islaam, affiliates himself to it and then joins an innovated sect, he then takes the ruling of that sect.

Being dutiful to non-Muslim Parents
Does Islam require me to please my father and obey him even if he is Christian?

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