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Using inhaler during fasting
Is it permissible to use an inhaler in a state of fasting?

Fasting day of `Arafaa expiates sins of two years; fasting `Ashuraa' expiates one year
“Fasting `Arafaa expiates the sins of two years, and fasting `Ashuraa’ expiates the sins of one year".

Fast a day before it or a day after it. Differ from the Jews."

Month of Muharram and fasting
There is a great reward in fasting the `Ashuraa'.

Differing with regard to when Ramadhaan begins
Should we fast according to the moon sighting in the country where we are or according to the moon sighting in al-Haramayn (the two Holy Sanctuaries)?

Ruling regarding woman who knows she will be pure of menses after dawn
If a woman knows that she will be pure of her menses in the next morning, is she required to fast that day and make up for it because she did not determine to fast since the night? Is her fasting valid?

Validity of fasting of one who wakes up in a state of Janaaba
If a man has a sexual intercourse with his wife, at night, after Maghrib (sunset prayer) and he makes Ghusl (major ablution) after Fajr (dawn prayer), is his fasting invalid?

Completing Sha'baan as thirty days if do not know start of Ramadhan
It is obligatory for the person who neither saw the new moon nor was informed by who saw it to complete the month of Sha'baan with thirty days.

Not fasting in Ramadhan due to excuse with inability to pay Al-Fidya
The ruling concerning not observing fasting in Ramadhan due to an excuse with inability to pay Al-Fidya.

Making up missed days of Ramadhan for excused dead person
A sick girl did not fast two consecutive months of Ramadhan, and could not compensate them because of her illness in which she died. What should her family do?

Fasting of one abandoning prayer
Is the fasting of the one abandoning prayer valid?

Regarding getting pleasure from unrelated woman without intercourse
The sacredness of Ramadhan is major, and transgressing it incurs major sin due to the paramount importance it has.

Regarding one who moves to country with additional or missing day in fasting
What is the ruling regarding one who observes the first day of Ramadhaan in his country, while it is the second day in the other country where he moves.

Manifesting joy during the night of `Ashoora

Many families prepare a special meal during the night of `Ashoora, what is the ruling concerning this meal?

Giving food to disbeliever in the day of Ramadhaan
What is the ruling concerning giving food to the disbelievers in the day of Ramadhaan?

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