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Meaning of al yawm ul aakhirah
Al yawm ul aakhirah – it is the Day of Resurrection; and the Day of Resurrection is called al yawm ul aakhirah (the Last Day) because there is no day after it.

Asking about the Hour
People’s questions about the Hour can be divided into two categories.

Why is the yawm ul qiyaamah so called?
Yawm ul qiyaamah is called the Day of Standing for three reasons.

Types of Intercession (Shafaa’ah)
Types of Intercession (Shafaa’ah) in the Hereafter.

Belief in the Day of Judgment
There will be a Day when God will resurrect and gather the first and the last of His creation and judge everyone justly. People will enter their final abode, Hell or Paradise.

Fear of Allaah
That Day the earth will reveal all that happened over it of good or evil.

Regarding the Hawd on Day of Judgement
What is the Hawd to which people will be coming on the Day of Judgement?

What is Al-A’raaf and who are its people?
I have heard that al-A’raaf is a barrier between the Paradise and the Hellfire where people will reside for a number of years?

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