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Calling to Tawheed is the first priority
Beginning with first things first, is that firstly one should begin with correcting the ‘Aqeedah.

Allaah's Religion is of a comprehensive nature
Allaah's Straight Path, which is Islaam, is the True Religion of Allaah.

Ruling concerning Islaamic songs (Anaasheed)
What is the ruling concerning Islaamic songs and is it permissible to take them as means for making Da’wah (Calling to Islaam)?

Advice for the du'aat in the West
Advice of Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan for the du'aat in the West.

Use of kindness and gentleness in da’wah
We must be kind and gentle when calling others to the way of Allaah.

Correct method of giving da'wah
What is the correct method of giving da'wah (inviting) to Allaah The Most High?

Students with limited knowledge appointing themselves as scholars
We see that some students, due to their weak Taqwaa, have nothing else to do than speaking about people.

Is Tazkiyyah a prerequisite for graduate to teach?
When he holds a degree from an Islaamic University, then this is a recommendation.

Correct method for calling non-Muslims to Islaam
What is the correct method for calling non-Muslims to Islaam?

Advice on self-purification and being gentle with people
Some people have been made to leave the manhaj as-saheeh from that which they find from people from harshness.

Refuting the students of knowledge
The ones who take charge of refutation are the scholars.

Da'ee appearing on television for lectures
Is it okay for a Da'ee to appear on television for lectures?

Advising the innovator
Is it permissible to keep the company of or talk to an innovator, or is it better to boycott him?

Jarh wa Ta’deel and refutations
How do we reconcile between not performing Jarh wa Ta’deel and warning against  those who have some deviance in 'Aqeedah?

The Importance of good manners
"Good manners is what is lacking in us, so we need sincere advice from you."

Is the phrase Salafeeyyah incumbent to use in da'wah?
A caller to Allaah should call to the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger.

Take from him his knowledge, but leave alone his actions
It is not a requisite for a teacher or caller to be perfect in order for us to listen to him.

Is it waajib to call yourself Salafee or Atharee?
Is it waajib to call yourself Salafee or Atharee and if one does not call himself Salafee or Atharee is it waajib upon us to refute him or warn against him?

The best way to call to Tawheed

What is the best way to call the people to Tawheed (belief in the Oneness of Allaah/monotheism) and warn them against Shirk (associating others with Allaah in His Divinity or worship)?

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