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Meaning of ‘ilm
‘Ilm (knowledge) is to comprehend a matter in the way that it truly is, with a firm decisive comprehension.

Meaning of al yawm ul aakhirah
Al yawm ul aakhirah – it is the Day of Resurrection, (the Last Day) because there is no day after it.

Meaning of ar Rabb
Rabb – meaning khaaliq (Creator) and Sovereign Owner and the One who controls; so He is the One who created the heavens and the Earth...

Meaning of as sam’ (Hearing)
The Sam’ (Hearing) which Allaah has affirmed for Himself is of two types.

Meaning of dhulm
There are three types of dhulm (oppression).

Meaning of ma'iyyah
The ma’iyyah of Allaah (Allaah’s being “with” someone) is divided into two types: that which is general and that which is specific.

Meaning of makrooh
The meaning of makrooh in the Arabic language is mubghad (that which is hated).

Meaning of mandoob
The meaning of Mandoob in the Arabic language is mad’oo (that which is called to).

Meaning of mubaah
The meaning of mubaah in the Arabic language is mu’lan (something made manifest and public) and ma-dhoon feehi (something for which permission has been given).

Meaning of muharram
The meaning of muharram in the Arabic language is mamnoo’ (prohibited).

This literally means ‘to leave something empty or abandoned’.

Taateel and Tashbeeh
What are the errors regarding Allaah’s Names and Attributes that people have fallen into?

Meaning of tafseer
Tafseer, in the technical sense is “to clarify the meanings of the Noble Qur’aan”.

Meaning of waajib
The meaning of Waajib in the Arabic language is saaqit (fallen down) and laazim (binding).

It means relegating and entrusting the knowledge about the exact nature of Allaah’s Attributes back to Allaah Himself.

Tahreef occurs when a person tries to change the meaning of an Attribute of Allaah away from its actual true meaning.

Takyeef occurs when a person thinks he can acquire an understanding of the specific details of Allaah’s Attributes.

Tashbeeh is the error of comparing the Creator to His Creation.

Glossary of terms for the non-Muslim and the new Muslim
English meanings of some of the commonly used terms in the books of Islaam.

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