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Classification of hayaa- (feeling shy)
With regards to the types of hayaa-, hayaa- is of two types.

Describing someone as “multazim”
To use the phrase denoting istiqaamah (being upright) as an expression – instead of using the phrase denoting iltizaam (adherence).

Directing a command to someone who already fulfils it
So the messengers (عليهما الصلاة والسلام) were commanded with doing righteous deeds, even though they were (already) doing them.

Gentleness of the student of knowledge
A person must be gentle without being weak.

Having knowledge of Allaah leads to person being obedient to Him
The foundation of knowledge is khashyah (fear and awe) of Allaah, the Most High.

How to purify intention when seeking knowledge
Ikhlaas in seeking knowledge comes about through a number of matters.

Intention behind seeking knowledge
So if Allaah bestows fiqh of your religion upon you, then receive glad tidings of good.

Method of speaking can vary from one person to next
The person being addressed is addressed with that which his own particular circumstance necessitates.

Second type of sabr
Patience upon obedience to Allaah, in that the person holds back his soul upon obedience.

Third type of sabr
The third type of sabr is having patience upon those matters which Allaah has pre-decreed.

Wishes of the heart reflect its being healthy or diseased
So if the heart wishes goodness then it is a proof for its being sound and healthy; and if it wishes evil then it is a proof for its illness and its deficiency.

Ridiculing is from manners of hypocrites
Ridiculing is from the manners of the disbelievers and the hypocrites.

Listening to backbiting is a sin
You are sinning by listening to backbiting, unless you disapprove of the evil.

Duty of Muslims towards Non-Muslims
What are the duties of Muslims towards non-Muslims?

True love
Someone who loves a person for the sake of Allaah, must he say, “I love you for the sake of Allaah,” to him?

Types of companions
Companions can be categorised into 3 types.

Accepting the apologies of others
Whosever wrongs you then comes and apologises, accept his apology whether it be true or false.

Rights of Brotherhood
Ten Rights of Brotherhood.

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