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Student of knowledge behaves in a manly and honourable way
Without doubt, enjoying masculine characteristics is from al muroo-ah (fine and honourable manners).

Student of knowledge checks correct understanding of what he transmits
Tathabbut (verification and proceeding carefully) in that which is transmitted from someone else is an important matter.

Student of knowledge contemplates and is not hasty
The student of knowledge is thoughtful and not one who is hasty in speech and action.

Student of knowledge distinguished by honourable behaviour
The student of knowledge adorns himself with muroo-ah (honourable and fine behaviour).

Student of knowledge has contentment with simple life
‘I do not give preference to this worldly life over the Hereafter. And I do not sacrifice knowledge in order to attain worldly goals.’

Student of knowledge has contentment
Adorning oneself with qanaa’ah (contentment) is from the most important of the characteristics of the student of knowledge.

Student of knowledge has thabaat
Thabaat has the meaning of patience and patiently persevering, and that (the person) does not deviate nor become vexed and irritated.

Student of knowledge is humble to people who benefit him
Your behaving in an insolent manner towards your teacher is pride.

Student of knowledge knows his limits
Whoever adorns himself with that which he does not possess, then Allaah will disgrace him.

Student of knowledge learns gradually and consistently
Whoever wishes (to attain) knowledge in one go, then it will depart from him in one go.

Student of knowledge lives simply and forsakes luxuries
A person who has become accustomed to a luxurious life will find it difficult when he encounters (certain) matters.

Student of knowledge pays great attention to  isnaad of information he conveys
When information is transmitted then firstly you must verify – is it (the information) authentic from the person you are transmitting from or not?

Student of knowledge stays away from meetings of laghw
Laghw (futile speech) is of two types, laghw which contains no benefit and no harm and laghw which contains harm.

Student of knowledge trains himself upon fine manners
If a person were to try to gain correct manners and his inherent nature were not naturally like that, then he would encounter difficulty.

Students of knowledge adorn themselves with fine manners
Adorn yourself with fine personal behaviour, such as abstinence and forbearance and patience and humbly submitting to the Truth.

Argumentation and opposing the Truth when it comes to you
From the most important of matters is abandonment of argumentation and disputing because they are a door to blocking the correct path.

What should be the intention behind seeking knowledge?

“Whomever Allaah intends good for, He grants him fiqh (understanding) of the Religion.”

The first type of sabr

The first type of sabr is patience upon (staying away) from disobedience to Allaah.

Caller not despondent if call not immediately accepted
With regards to being rejected by the people when calling them to the Truth, you have carried out that which was obligatory upon you.

Causes of a decrease in ‘Eemaan
Then know that the decrease in ‘Eemaan is of two types.

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