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Business & Monetary Transactions Page2

Business & Monetary Transactions

Ruling concerning paying taxes with usurious money
What is the ruling regarding paying taxes with usurious money?

Cooperating to get compensation from insurance company
Concerning cooperating to get a compensation from an insurance company.

Subsidised participative building
What is the ruling regarding participative buildings?

Dealing with “Usratuk” (Your Family) for selling computers
A new business transaction has emerged recently in computer selling, it is known as: [Usratuk] (Your Family); what is the religious ruling concerning it?

Working as an accountant
What is the ruling concerning working as an accountant?

Money given by retiring fund
After the death of my mother, the retiring fund gives me monthly a sum of money due to my studies, is this lawful?

Making shoes having pictures of animals
The ruling concerning making shoes having pictures of animals on them.

Spending usury-based interest in maintenance of building
Is it permissible to spend the usury-based interests in the benefit of the building where I live such as the upkeep of the building?

Working for companies that deal with interest-based banks
Ruling concerning working for companies that deal with banks, i.e., companies operating in commercial and industrial fields, but they resort to the banks for credits which they need for their daily operations.

Ruling concerning of the workers’ gifts
A man working in an company dealing with building contractors is sometimes given sums of money; are these dealings included in bribery or not?

Dealing in counterfeit trademark goods
It is incumbent upon the Muslim to be truthful, and he must observe truthfulness as a moral behaviour outwardly and inwardly.

Ruling concerning manufacturing ashtrays
What is the ruling concerning manufacturing ashtrays?

Working in workshop whose tools are from usury-based loans
Is it permissible to work in a workshop whose owner bought the necessary tools by way of a loan from a usury bank?

Transaction in product whose brand bears specific symbol
We have a Turkish product which is a bar of chocolate named “Jupiter”. It is said that this name is a Greek god, so, is it permissible to buy or sell it?

Loaning from the Islamic banks
The Islamic banks at the present time do not differ in their reality and essence from the usurious banks.

Buying merchandise from market and selling it in same markets
Is it permissible to buy merchandise from a store situated in the wholesale market of fruit and vegetable and then selling it in another shop situated in the same market?

Advice to the trader
The trader should take particularly care to know the legal rulings concerning the jurisprudence of financial transactions.

Using company phone for personal purpose
Is it permissible to use the phone of a company for personal purposes?

Gifts granted for advertising purposes
What is the ruling regarding the advertising gifts distributed by companies, knowing that their costs are deducted from the value of taxes?

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