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Fundamentals Of Faith 6 - Belief in the Messengers

The Messengers are sent to deliver a Message. They are the ones to whom Allaah has sent down revelation and who conveys His Law to mankind.

Fundamentals Of Faith 7 - Belief in the Last Day

The Last Day is the Day when mankind will be resurrected to be asked about their deeds and receive reward or punishment for them.

Fundamentals Of Faith 8 - Belief in Al-Qadar

Al-Qadar is Allaah’s predestination of measurements and sustenance of everything and everyone, according to His Knowledge and Wisdom.

The Goals of Islamic Belief ('Aqeedah)

The Islamic ‘Aqeedah (belief) has goals and values that are the destination of whoever preserves it.

Important beliefs that make a person Muslim

What are the important beliefs that make a person Muslim?

Having the correct Belief

Why does Islam pay so much attention to having the correct belief (‘Aqeedah), in particular the belief that only Allaah should be worshipped?

Fundamentals of Belief

Instruction in the fundamentals of Belief for the common people.

Belief of a Muslim

It is an act of Shirk to supplicate the dead, an inanimate object, or an animate being whom one wrongly thinks it manages the affairs of the universe.

Faith is speech, action and belief

The Religion, Faith and Islaam is: belief of the heart, utterance of the tongue and action of the limbs.

Belief in Divine Decree (part 1 of 2)

The divine decree is Allaah’s ‘hidden mystery’ whose depths are inaccessible for human beings to fathom.

Belief in Divine Decree (part 2 of 2)

If everything has been predestined by God, how does one have any freedom of will?

Belief in Prophets

Muslims believe in Prophets that are also mentioned in the Bible, such as Jesus and Moses. What do Muslims believe about these people?

Belief in the angels

Belief in angels is one of the six pillars of belief or ‘Eemaan in Islaam.

Belief in the Day of Judgment

There will be a Day when God will resurrect and gather the first and the last of His creation and judge everyone justly. People will enter their final abode, Hell or Paradise.

Belief in the Messengers

Allaah conveys His message to humanity through messengers.

Belief in the Scriptures

No scripture exists today in the original language it was revealed in, except the Qur’aan.

Why some people have misunderstandings and misconceptions in their beliefs 1

Some people have misunderstandings and misconceptions in their beliefs. How might these have crept into people’s beliefs?

Why some people have misunderstandings and misconceptions in their beliefs 2

Taqleed and ghuloo

Why some people have misunderstandings and misconceptions in their beliefs 3

Lack of reflection and lack of learning.

Meaning of "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah"

What is the meaning of the Shahaadha: Muhammad Rasoolullaah?

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