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Having knowledge of Allaah leads to person being obedient to Him

How to purify intention when seeking knowledge

Hypocrite harms the Muslims through his speech

Hypocrites are people of plotting and deception

Hypocrites’ plots rebound upon themselves

Hypocrites’ plots rebound upon themselves

Intention behind seeking knowledge

Is mocking Allaah the same as mocking His Messenger?

Itikaaf is restricted to the three mosques

Lesser shirk

Meaning of ‘ilm

Meaning of al yawm ul aakhirah

Meaning of ar Rabb

Meaning of as sam’ (Hearing)

Meaning of bismillaah ir rahmaan ir raheem

Meaning of dhulm

Meaning of ma'iyyah

Meaning of makrooh

Meaning of mandoob

Meaning of mubaah

Meaning of muharram

Meaning of tafseer

Meaning of waajib

Method of speaking can vary from one person to next

Not acting upon knowledge leads to difficulty in remembering it

Not stating ruling when introducing matters where ruling clear

Proofs from the Quraan to show existence of Allaah 1

Reduction in implementation of testimony that Muhammad rasool ullaah

Reminding oneself of the reason behind making acts of worship

Sabr - the first type

Second type of sabr

Seeking refuge with Allaah’s Words

Seeking ruqyah from other people

Sending down of the Qur’aan

Sending salaat upon the Prophet

Sending salaat upon the Prophet

Shaykh Uthaymeen advises new Muslims

Student of knowledge behaves in manly and honourable way

Student of knowledge checks correct understanding of what he transmits

Student of knowledge contemplates and is not hasty

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