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State of wife in Paradise while husband in Fire

Pirated software

Celebrating the Prophet’s birthday

Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah regarding family of Prophet

Saying Ju’muaah Mubaarak

Excellence of Fasting the Day of Aashooraa

Ask Allaah and seek the help of Allaah

Things that nullify one's ablution

Meaning of Salaat and Salaam on the Prophet

The Speech of Allaah is never-ending

Tafseer of Soorah Al-Faatihah

Ridiculing is from manners of hypocrites

Listening to backbiting is a sin

Is sleep paralysis caused by the Jinn?

What is the language of the Jinn?

Is it permissible to listen to Qur’aan in the bathroom?

Saying “hello” when answering the phone

Fasting day of Arafat with days to make up from Ramadhaan

Paying Zakaat-ul-Fitr in money

Can men dye their hands and feet with henna?

Directing fathers to give importance to raising children Islaamically

Using henna as a medicine

Sunnah prayers explained  

General precept for seeking nearness to Allaah

The ruling on disliking polygamy

The Legislation of the Hijaab

Sleeping after Fajr and ‘Asr prayers  

Making wudoo inside the bathroom

Is seeing the Prophet in a dream, glad tidings?

Praying in chair, is there difference between rukoo and sujood?

Saying Ju’muaah Mubaarak 2

Reasons that bring happiness, reasons that bring about misery

Belief of a Muslim

Is Islaam to be practiced only in the Masjid?

Polygamy and rights of women in Islaam

Allaah accepts no other religion than Islaam

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