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Is the one who leaves off all actions in totality a believer with weak faith?

Faith is speech, action and belief

Is there difference of opinion in leaving off actions of limbs in totality?

One who leaves off all actions is a disbeliever

One who leaves off all actions in totality is a disbeliever

Leaving off all actions

Claiming believes in Allaah and Messenger but not performing good deeds

Does mere utterance of La Ilaha ilallaah suffice to go to Paradise?

How does kufr in i'tiqaad come about?

Can ‘Eemaan and Major Kufr come together in a heart?

Clarification regarding al-‘Eemaan

Al-’Eemaan and al-Kufr

Giving rights of Islaam to one who does not pray, fast or pay Zakah

Uttering of “La illaha illallaah” does not benefit except...

Ascribing to Islaam but falling into Major Shirk

Is it permissible to give Zakaat to a "Muslim" who commits Shirk?

Ruling on who does not make takfeer on grave worshippers

Ruling of cursing Allaah, His Messenger and the Religion

Why do Raafidah curse the companions?

We are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allaah

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