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Making up for missed Salaah due to sleep or other reasons

Exhorting children to pray

Children receive reward if they reach age of discernment

Can you awaken children for Fajr Prayer though the weather is very cold?

Ruling on the Salaah offered by those whose children abandon Salaah

Should those who embrace Islam recently make up for Salaah they missed?

Should those who embrace Islam recently make up for Fasting they missed?

Participating in Christmas with the Kuffaar

Which is more grievous; Zina or abandoning Salaah?

Performing Salaah without announcing Adhaan (call to Prayer)

Is person offering Salaah individually required to announce Adhaan?

Ruling on Zakaah

Fasting some days as fasting the whole month

Obligation to start Fasting when sighting of new moon is confirmed

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