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Reciting the Qur’aan on Zamzam water then giving it to someone to drink to fulfil a need

Hanging a piece of metal as a charm to bring about benefit or prevent evil

Prostration before anyone or anything other than Allaah

Bowing to parents

Is swearing by other than Allaah considered Shirk?

Jinn, hypnosis and swearing by people

Swearing by Allaah and His Attributes

Swearing by graves and Shaykhs

Putting trust in Allaah first and then in someone else

Exaggeration regarding graves and building Masjids (mosques) over them

The vision attributed to the attendant of the Prophet's grave

People who visit the domes built over graves

Making Tawaaf around a grave

Transporting a Mushrik to shrines or to attend banquets

Taking graves as places of worship

Building Masjids over the graves of the Aawliyaa'

Praying in a Masjid containing a grave and honouring the dead and invoking them

Travelling from one place to another to commemorate the birthdays of pious people

Praying in or building a Masjid over a grave

Praying in a shrine seeking blessings from the Walee

Including a grave in a Masjid

Placing a grave in the Masjid

Travelling to Madinah to pray in Al-Masjid Al-Nabawee

Visiting and praying in the Prophet's Mosque

Visiting the graves of pious people

Is the Prophet a human being?

The claim that the Prophet was created from the Light of Allaah

Where is Allaah?

Were the heavens and the earth created for the sake of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)?

Did Aboo Taalib die as a believer or a disbeliever?

The etiquette the Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) followed when visiting graves

Tawassul through the Aawliyaa'

Invoking the Prophet’s honour or parents’ pleasure upon rising from one's seat

Person sleeping until sunrise prays supererogatory Prayer before offering Fajr Prayer

Person sleeping until sunrise prays supererogatory Prayer before offering Fajr Prayer

Making up for Salaah missed due to sleep or negligence

Should the person who loses consciousness make up for Salaah and Sawm they have missed?

Salaah of an insane person

Salaah of a person who drinks (Khamr)

Making up for Salaah missed unintentionally

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