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Concerning paying bribe when there is a need

Regarding working in workshop which would deal in usury

Ruling regarding dealing in paper money

Ruling concerning commercial insurance

Ruling concerning paying taxes with usurious money

Cooperating to get compensation from insurance company

Subsidised participative building

Dealing with “Usratuk” (Your Family) for selling computers

Working as an accountant

Money given by retiring fund

Contraceptive pills

Right of wife over her husband

Using henna in wedding ceremonies

Dancing at a wedding ceremony

Limits of seeing and speaking with fiancée

Ruling concerning divorce during menstruating period

Making up missed days of Ramadhan for excused dead person

Spending usury-based interest in maintenance of building

Woman removing headscarf to have photo taken for identity card

Advice for who abide by religion living in deviant family

Ruling concerning acquisition of children’s toys

Menstruating woman’s prayer before sunset

Working for companies that deal with interest-based banks

Dealing with a heretical Imaam

Muslim lost groups

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