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Concerning the Name of Allaah - Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)

To put one’s trust in another than Allaah

Borrowing the Qur’aan from the mosque

Performing ‘Eed prayer in school

Working in air transport company in presence of evil things

Medical errors

Medicine that is prepared with alcohol

Nursing of a man by a woman

Advice for whose parents commit aspects of polytheism

How to reply to those who deny Allaah’s ability to create the impossible

Differentiation between invoking the Attribute and invoking by the Attribute

To see the Prophet in a dream

Acquiring the disbelievers’ nationality

Ruling concerning reading Gospel and Torah

Ruling concerning Islaamic songs (Anaasheed)

Purification bath for woman in menses who gets into a “Janaaba”

Repeating the prayer of Al-Istikhaarah

Replacing the Waqf (religious endowment)

Abandoning Friday prayer for work

Friday prayer for the traveller

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