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Allaah has not commissioned you with labelling people as innovators

Is the hadeeth "The differing of my Ummah is a mercy" authentic?

This is not a golden rule!

What is the way out of tribulations?

Following the faults of the Muslims

Differences and splitting between people have increased

Difference between Salafee methodology and tahazzub in name of Salafeeyyah

Is it permissible to ascribe yourself to as-Salafeeyyah?

The only thing they know is warning against people!

Insulting the Du’aat and Scholars

Advice to those who go into extreme in criticising people

Asking general question then using it on specific person

On those who warn against particular individuals

Restricting Da'wah of Ahlus-Sunnah to specific scholars

A warning against Ghuloo (extremism)

A warning from “He said, she said”

Advice to one busy classifying people into groups

On saying such and such is not a Salafee

Is it permissible to make Tabdee' because link with political group?

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