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Who Created Allaah?
The people will question one another so much that one of them will say: So Allaah created the creation, then who created Allaah?

Ask Allaah and seek the help of Allaah
If you ask, then ask Allaah; and if you seek help, then seek the help of Allaah.

The Speech of Allaah is never-ending
The Speech of Allaah (The Most High) is never ending, and will never be exhausted.

General precept for seeking nearness to Allaah
What is the general precept (guideline) for seeking nearness to Allaah, The Lofty and Majestic?

Belief in Allaah (part 1 of 2): The Categories of Tawheed
Belief in Allaah, the proper name in Arabic of the one and only God worthy of worship, consists of four matters.

Where Is Allaah?
The divine attribute ‘Uluw means Allaah is above His creation, and nothing is above Him.

Can we see Allaah?
Allaah is too great to be grasped by human eyes in this life.

Concerning the Name of Allaah - Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)
Is the name “Al-Khaaliq” (The Creator) among the specific names of Allaah?

To put one’s trust in another than Allaah
Among acts of worship: “putting one’s trust in Allaah”, is it permitted to say to someone “I rely on you”?

How to reply to those who deny Allaah’s ability to create the impossible
Replying to someone who asks ‘’If Allaah is able to create all things, is He able to create another god stronger than or similar to Him?”

Differentiation between invoking the Attribute and invoking by the Attribute
As for invoking His Attributes and Words, this is disbelief as agreed by all the Muslims.

Explanation of “Allaah is above the Throne”
The ascension over the throne is from the attributes (related to actions) of Allaah.

Three important principles in Allaah’s Names and Attributes
The three points that must be considered as principles in understanding Allaah’s Names and Attributes.

The belief in the existence of Allaah

Indeed the existence of Allaah, The Mighty and Majestic, is something proven by all kinds of evidences.

Allaah is the Rabb and thus He alone deserves all worship

The Sufficient Master Whom all creatures need, He alone is the One deserving of all worship.

Belief in Allaah (part 2 of 2): Shirk, the opposite of Tawheed

The Arabic word shirk is the opposite of Tawheed, Allaah’s oneness, and is more inclusive than polytheism and idolatry.  It means associating Allaah with other deities.

More errors with regards to Names and Attributes of Allaah

What are some of the other errors regarding Allaah’s Names and Attributes that people have fallen into?

Names and Attributes of Allaah 1

Does Allaah have Names and Attributes? How do we understand these?

Do Muslims believe that everything submits to Allaah?

Do you not see that to Allaah prostrates whoever is in the Heavens and whoever is on the Earth, and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Mountains and the Trees…

Knowing that Allaah is the One Who forgives

"Whoever knows that I have the capability to forgive sins, then I will forgive him and not care, as long as he did not associate anything with Me."

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