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Does Islam teach that Allaah has only 99 Names?
This is a misconception which is held by very many Muslims, principally because of one particular hadeeth (statement of Muhammad (peace be upon him)).

Al-Uboodeeyyah: Slavery to Allaah
`Uboodeeyyah is a comprehensive term that asserts the meaning of ‘You Alone do we worship and You Alone do we seek for Help’.

Does Allaah have children?
Do we find anyone claiming that Allaah has children, so that they can worship these ‘children of Allaah’?

Do the Attributes of Allaah actually mean anything?
Do the Attributes of Allaah, like Hands, Face, Anger, etc actually mean anything or are they just figures of speech?

Allaah’s addressing the people
Regards to the use of the singular at times and the plural at other times in Allaah’s addressing the people in the Qur’aan.

Enmity transformed to friendship for sake of Allaah
Enmity may be transformed into friendship and alliance - because the hearts are in the Hand of Allaah, the Perfect and Most High.

Evil found in Allaah's creation
It is not the case that everything which Allaah has created contains evil.

Seeking refuge with Allaah’s Words
Seeking refuge with Allaah’s Words as the Words of Allaah are an Attribute from His Attributes.

Sources of information about Names and Attributes of Allaah
What are the sources from which the Muslims take their knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allaah?

Swearing by Allaah and His Attributes
It is permissible to swear by Allaah, His Attributes, and the Qur'aan which is the Word of Allaah and one of His Attributes.

Putting trust in Allaah first and then in someone else
It is permissible to say: "I put my trust in Allaah, then in you.

Where is Allaah?
The Most Gracious (Allaah) rose over (Istawaa) the (Mighty) Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty).

Ta’teel and Tashbeeh
What are the errors regarding Allaah’s Names and Attributes that people have fallen into?

In the context of Allaah’s Names or an Attributes, then ta’teel is to reject a Name or an Attribute which has been mentioned in the Qur’aan or the authentic hadeeths.

It means relegating and entrusting the knowledge about the exact nature of Allaah’s Attributes back to Allaah Himself.

Tahreef occurs when a person tries to change the meaning of an Attribute of Allaah away from its actual true meaning.

Takyeef occurs when a person thinks he can acquire an understanding of the specific details of Allaah’s Attributes.

Tashbeeh is the error of comparing the Creator to His Creation.

Who is Allaah?

Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word “Allaah“.

The belief in the existence of Allaah

Indeed the existence of Allaah, The Mighty and Majestic, is something proven by all kinds of evidences.

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